bring your old clothes, belts shoes to us to be weighed or request a collection using the request button above payments processed Immediately

Schools, Groups & Sports Clubs have already helped raise much needed funds for lots of schools, sports groups and clubs whilst importantly reducing waste and relieving pressure on sparse landfill sites. The Recycling and re-use of wearable clothing and shoes is a quick and easy way to help your school or club and the environment

All collections are provided free of charge and arranging the day is simple. We simply agree on a a day and time for us to collect and we will load and remove the donated textiles.

After the textiles have been weighed payment will be processed the same day, all the money raised goes directly back to the school or club and can be donated to a charity of your choice.

All schools & clubs are welcome regardless of size and there is no limit or minimum amount of bags we can collect. Simply bring the bags on the arranged day

For more information please contact us via the form below and we’ll be in touch

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